Becoming a Member

Membership in Association of Science & Society is by nomination and is conferred in one of three ways. AS&S Fellowship is conferred upon any individual who has shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure or applied science or engineering, and or has taken a deep participatory role in societal causes in the advancement of science and technology. AS&S Membership is available to any individual who has, through initial research achievement in the filed of pure or applied science and has taken steps to further science & society and has, shown an aptitude for research. AS&S Associate-ship is available to an individual who has been identified by an AS&S member or Fellow who show potential in the advancement of science & society. Please see the Qualification for membership for more information. Students and non-students follow the same review process. Individuals who were previously elected as an Associate Member and who now meet the requirements for Full Membership can apply for Promotion to Full Membership and Fellowship.

For each of the three memberships there are the following subcategories:
Middle School, High School, Under Graduate (BS/BSc), Graduate (MS/MSc), Graduate (PhD), Post Doctoral Fellow, Teacher, Principal, Assistant Member, Associate Member, Full Member, Fellow, Community Member, Corporate (Micro business), Corporate (Small business), Corporate (Large business), Corporate (National), Corporate (International), Corporate (Multinational), and Life Time Individual Membership.