AS&S Preamble & Charter

‘Association of Science & Society’ (AS&S) seeks to Promote and Advance Science & Technology and create Universal Awareness of Tolerance & Peace. It seeks to promote Awareness in the sciences and technology especially in the under-reserved and under-resourced sections and communities of the world. It seeks to promote Tolerance of all Faiths and will strive will Universal Peace and Human-hood.

Promotion of education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages is a major focus, seeking to bridge the realizations from the Past, Present, and Future.

AS&S seeks for a Universal embodiment for building a Universal Ideal of peaceful co-existence by:
  • Developing Innovative Curricula to be used in under- resourced school districts in low-income Communities;
  • Building a Corps of Researchers and other Science and medical practitioners to serve as positive Role models and mentors;
  • Providing Training and Insight for mentors and learners so that long term changes will be Effected in schools and educational institutions;
  • Promoting other activities related to Scientific Education for the Enhancement of the Community at large;
  • Providing critical and accessible scientific information to the public and to promoting social accountability and ecological sustainability in science;
  • Promoting critical public understanding of science and to engage both scientists and the public in open debate and discussion; striving towards creating an international centre of excellence in Science and Technology Studies;
  • Developing and innovating cutting edge technologies focusing on science and technology, and its interactions with people, organizations and society;
  • Promoting interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research and teaching relating to all aspects of science, technology and society;
  • Acting as an international forum for academic discussion and exchange;
  • Ensuring commitments to advancing policy, enhancing research and teaching in key areas of Science and Technology Studies, including medicine and healthcare and stimulating public debate in this area;
  • Following the translation of science into practice, examining the clinical uptake of new developments in pharmaceuticals, genetics, medical devices, and organizational aspects of healthcare, and the dissemination of new agricultural or veterinary technologies;
  • Investigating communication, in both directions, between scientific and public arenas, including the public images of science fiction, broadcast and print media and advertising, and the scientific understandings of public engagement in fields like sustainable technologies, carbon capture and water use.
  • Establishing partnerships with other social science and humanities departments, in organizational and linguistic studies, and close links with scientific fields including microbiology, civil engineering, nanotechnology and regenerative medicine;
  • Providing residential centres for deprived and poor children and their families, irrespective of caste, creed, or faith for families who cannot provide food, shelter, or educational facilities to their children.
  • Promoting cultural and education exchange Globally, and thereby seeking to promote welfare of the society, with a view to their eventual rehabilitation as useful and true Global citizens.

AS&S intends to do further its mission by:
  • Arranging and holding periodical conference and seminars and workshops.
  • Co-operating with National and International Organizations having similar objects and depute or receive representatives to and from such Organization having their offices in India and in overseas Countries.
  • Co-operating with other agencies, both Governmental and non-Governmental, in organization and administration of schemes and funds.
  • Sending delegates or observers to National and International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops on Childcare and allied matters.
  • Supporting specific welfare projects determined by the Committees in appreciation of the needs at any time for the purposes of the Trust.
  • Instituting special programmes for the health and care of the aged, the vulnerable and the dispossessed, the handicapped, women and children and to generate employment and skills among the youth.
  • Establishing, maintaining and/or granting aid to homes, orphans or other establishments to provide relief to the poor, the destitutes, the orphans, the widows, and otherwise provided for them.
  • Establishing, promoting, supporting, maintaining, and/or granting aid and other financial assistance of schools, colleges, hostels, Libra aria, reading rooms, lecture halls, museums and other establishments and institutions for the development of education and diffusion of useful knowledge.
  • Providing for unto afford opportunities and facilities in the field of education by founding and awarding scholarships, fees, studentships, prizes, rewards, allowances or other assistance to students.
  • Establishing, maintaining, and help, run dispensaries, hospitals, nursing homes, maternity homes, clinics, laboratories, mobile medical units, mobile classrooms, ambulances, medical and/or surgical camps and to render medical aid to the public and help deserving patients and medical education.
  • Rendering relief to the people affected by calamities and disasters such as earthquakes, flood, fire, famine, epidemics, pestilence, riots, wars, and to give donations, subscriptions, or contributions to the institutions, organizations, or persons doing such relief work.
  • Undertaking all acts, deeds, and things connected with incidental to the cause related to the aforesaid objects.

Harlem Children Society (URL: is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an Innovative Science Education Program for Children and Youth living in under-resourced and under-served communities and school districts. We seek to engage learners in a healthy enquiry of the world, and to expose them to opportunities that are available in the field of science. We seek to emphasize their pursuit of higher education and career achievement by providing them with knowledge, skills, guidance, encouragement, and understanding.

Harlem Children Society (HCS) is a decade old “bridge program” that provides an opportunity for extremely high level of scientific research at leading scientific and medical institutions for select high school (Grades 8-12) and Under-Graduate students from low-income areas in New York City, the Tristate area, across the country nationally, and a Global program in several countries in all continents. Students are paired with mentors, who are top professionals in their field, and train and work on specific projects. The program identifies under-resourced and under-served communities, targets at-risk children and youth in those communities, and provides them an opportunity to explore the world and their future through science, thereby helping to revitalize the community as a whole. The organizations also serve to be a catalyst for change through recognizing inventors and invention, promoting creativity, and advancing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are committed to fostering the inventive spirit, developing creative products, programs, and partnerships that emphasize the importance of invention in society.