Association of Science & Society (AS&S) founded on February 5th, 2011 by Dr. Satyajit Bhattacharya. A selected board of Trustees comprising of highly regarded individuals was established to oversee and guide the organization through its nascent stage. Dr. Satyajit Bhattacharya remains as the founding member and is the President and CEO of the Board of Trustees. He is dedicated to run the organization and oversee all its operations. He is developing and creating novel approaches to implement education reform in Science, Technology, Engineering & math (STEM) fields and job creation in high technology fields, especially in the under-resourced and under-served areas of the country and world-wide. These unique approaches are far reaching in its intent and capacity from environment to nano-technology; from ethics to human values; and global sustainability to reduction of poverty and enhancing human awareness through education.

An office space was established in the Information Technology (IT) hub of the eastern part of the country in the Salt Lake City area of Kolkata. This has been serving as a machinery that has been put in place to spearhead some of the reforms that Association of Science & Society and Harlem Children intend to initiate and bring into fruition.

Inauguration & Dedication

Association of Science & Society was formally Inaugurated and Dedicated on 24th of March 2011 in Kolkata, India. While the inauguration was conducted in the AS&S offices at BJ-284, Sector II in Salt Lake City, Kolkata; the Dedication part of the Ceremony was held in the nearby BJ Block Community Hall in Salt Lake City.

The Goal of organization is to Promote and advance Science & Technology and creating a Universal Awareness of Tolerance and Peace. It seeks to promote Awareness in the sciences and technology especially in the under-reserved and under-resourced communities of the world and to promote Tolerance of all Faiths and striving for Universal Peace and Human-hood. Promotion of education, of constant progress, and a heart and mind that never ages – is a major focus – seeking to bridge the realizations from the Past, Present, and Future. The organizational Centerpiece features a unique collaboration between Schools, Educators, Government Organizations, Industry Professionals, University Faculty, Community Leaders, Investors, and Guardian Angles. The organization’s quintessential formula is encouraging free exchange of ideas and evolving strategies for growth of societies and care for our environment.

Harlem Children Society (HCS)is an eleven year old organization founded and spearheaded at the helm by Dr. Satyajit Bhattacharya based in New York City in the U.S.A. The organization provides an opportunity for extremely high level of one-on –one hands-on scientific research at leading scientific and medical institutions for high school and Graduate students from low-income areas across the country, and a Global program in several countries in all continents. HCS has developed and demonstrated a sound and successful model for engaging high school students from Underserved communities in scientific research and study that increases their interest in science, improves study skills and self-confidence and prepares them for entry into Competitive Institutions of higher education. The program identifies under-resourced & under-served communities, targets at-risk children and youth in those communities, and provides them an opportunity to explore the world and their future through science, thereby helping to revitalize the community as a whole. Serving as a catalyst for change – recognizing inventors and invention, promoting creativity, and advancing the spirit of Innovation and entrepreneurship, HCS is committed to fostering the same spirit, developing Creative products, programs, and partnerships that emphasize the importance of invention in society.

AS&S has developed partnerships and association with its sister organization, HCS. The organization’s success is directly attributable to the cooperative efforts of a network of individuals who are a part of its innovative model. The organizational Centerpiece features a unique collaboration between schools, teachers, government Organizations, industry professionals, university faculty, community leaders, and Contributing foundations, and is the quintessential formula for encouraging achievement in the most diligent, deserving students from impoverished backgrounds.